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2019 Dodge Challenger for sale near me

Posted at Fri, May 17, 2019 12:05 AM
If you're looking for a powerful American muscle car, the 2019 Dodge Challenge is a strong contender in the category. The 2-door coupe offers up to 797 horsepower with a 6.2-liter V-8 engine. If you'd like the more affordable entry level model, you can go with the 3.6-liter V-6 engine that offers 305-horsepower. Dodge has made the challenger models for muscle car enthusiasts who want great value as well as thrill seekers who are looking for the very best performance. What's Inside the 2019 Dodge Challenger? Aside from the many trim options available to consumers, the interior is among the top in its category. The first thing you'll notice is the 7-inch touchscreen where you control various features like the rear view camera. The interior is equipped to integrated with your smartphone, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Additional features like the sub-woofer, integrated navigation, and satellite radio are available. A few interior standouts include the spacious front and rear seats. While getting in a two door coupe is always an issue, the rear is more spacious than its competitors. The roomy front cabin also makes it comfortable to drive. The cargo space is another big pro of the Challengers and offer more space than the other American muscle cars. Some extra features like the rear cameras and the auto dimming rear view mirror makes it more easy to operate your car. The rear cameras help with the poor rear view that coupes often have. The auto dimming rear view mirror is a nice addition that helps remove glare in night time driving conditions. What Kind of Performance to Expect The 2019 Dodge Challengers comes with either a six speed manual or eight speed automatic transmission. The 0 to 60 timer is expected to be 3.4 seconds for the SRT Hellcat trim. The top speed will also be 203 miles per hour which is similar to last year's model. Performance will vary depending on the trim but the other trims are still impressive. Comes with Respectable Safety Features The long list of safety features are a nice welcome to a high performance car. The Dodge Challenger comes with automatic high beam headlamps, a blind spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control for long trips, and a forward collision warning system. Aside from the standard airbags, you can also expect front and rear side-curtain airbags for extra protection. Who Should Buy the 2019 Dodge Challenger? The 2019 Dodge Challenger ranks among the top three muscle cars of the year. If you're looking for power and a performance to match, this is a great pick up. There's also a lot of great utility such as the space, safety features, and tech that makes this model a great value. The real question will really come down to which trim to choose and that will ultimately come down to your budget.
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